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Taking the time to compare van insurance is one of the best ways to save money on a policy.

With all motoring costs going up, it’s never been more important to take the time to help bring those costs down. Working with specialist brokers dedicated to insuring vans, our quick and easy process will help you save money.

What is Van Insurance?

Van insurance is an insurance policy designed to insure your van against risks you may face as a van driver. Van insurance quotes will be tailored exactly to the cover that you need.

Much like car insurance, a minimum of third party cover is required to drive on the roads.

Depending on what you intend to use your van for will depend on what additional addons you may need. If you are a tradesman, then you will want tool cover. If though you intend to be a courier, then you’ll want to insure the goods you carry. You should visit our dedicated courier van insurance page if you are after this type of cover.

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We know how difficult comparing policies can be. That’s why our trained team are here to help you find dedicated brokers who want to quote you.

Our service is free and impartial with no obligation to buy.

Van Insurance

What our Comparison Expert Says

‘Vans are the commercial transport backbone of the UK and are used for a wide range of  tasks. It is vitally important that your van is insured correctly but we get that you don’t want to pay more than you need to! We work with specialist van insurance brokers who will help you find a policy quickly and at the right price!’

How our process works

We’ve worked hard to refine our process and keep it as quick, easy and simple as possible for our customers.

What level of insurance for my van should I get?

Van insurance like car insurance is available as one of three main types. These are, fully comprehensive van insurance, third-party fire & theft and third party.

Comprehensive van insurance

Comprehensive van insurance offers the greatest level of protection in the event of a claim. A fully comprehensive policy covers everything that a third party fire and theft policy does but will also cover repairs or replacement of your van.

Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party fire and theft offers cover for the third party but also replacement cover for your van in the event of a fire or it is stolen. Should you have a crash though, your van repairs will not be paid for.

Third-party only

This is the bare minimum level of covered required to drive on UK roads. Third-party cover will only insure the third party. In the event your van is stolen, catches fire or involved in a crash, it will not be covered.

Additional addons you should consider for you insurance quote

How Much Does Van Insurance Cost?

The cost of your van insurance will differ greatly depending on what you need to insure and to what level.

If you insure your van for third party only with no additional cover then your premium will be considerably cheaper. If though you insure with comprehensive cover along with certain addons, then your policy will increase slightly.

Other factors that will effect your van insurance are things such as the type of van, the vans value, the estimated mileage, your driving history and where it is stored over night.

How to Save Money on Van Insurance

There are a number of ways you can help reduce the cost of your van insurance policy.

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