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What is 44 Tonne Lorry Insurance?

44-tonne lorry or truck insurance is a specialist policy designed for heavy goods vehicles on UK roads.

A 44-tonne truck is a HGV (heavy goods vehicle) that will carry a maximum of 44 tonnes in gross weight. Most often this is a 5 or 6-axle artic but the specifications can vary by vehicle, if it has a drawbar, for example.

Anyone driving a 44-tonne truck in the UK or across Europe will need to have an HGV licence whether the vehicle is being used for commercial or private use. Failure to have the correct licence can make an insurance policy void in the event of an accident.

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44 Tonne Lorry Insurance

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What Insurance Do I Need For A 44 Tonne Lorry?

You are required by UK law to insure any motorised vehicle on the road, this includes all HGVs and 44-tonne lorries. If you are not intending to use the vehicle, it will need to have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) otherwise insurance is required.

Insurance of vehicles, whether they are owned and operated by a business or an individual, protects the driver and anyone else on the road. For a 44-tonne truck, HGV insurance is an important protection.

Self-Employed Lorry Insurance For 44-Tonne Vehicle

If you are a self-employed owner-operator of a 44-tonne lorry, you will need an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Typically, the cover will depend on exactly what you are transporting, with things like haulage and goods insurance also being necessary for some drivers.

The cost of your policy will rely on a few factors including your own driving experience and any previous no claims you may hold. To make sure you are getting a good deal, you should compare quotes for 44t lorry insurance to find a policy that offers adequate cover at a cheap price.

44-Tonne Lorry Fleet Insurance

A business operating multiple HGVs or 44-tonne trucks may benefit from using a HGV fleet insurance policy to cover any lorries or vans. It can offer savings and it makes managing named drivers and vehicle details easier for the business.

What’s Covered With 44 Tonne Lorry Insurance?

44t lorry insurance will vary between policies and providers, which is why it’s important to compare insurance policies for your lorry or HGV.

As with most policies, you can choose between third-party insurance, third-party, fire & theft, and comprehensive insurance for your vehicle.

With policies varying between providers, there may be some add-ons to look out for when you compare quotes or speak to HGV insurance brokers:

Can You Get Temporary 44t Lorry Insurance?

It is possible to get temporary lorry insurance should you need it. It is important to remember that even if you don’t intend on driving it, your vehicle must be insured if it is on UK roads, otherwise, you will need a SORN for it.

If you are hiring an HGV or using it through work, you must still carry all relevant licences.

If you are searching for temporary HGV insurance for a business, it may be worth looking for a good fleet policy to cover all of your vehicles. These are typically easier to amend and can cover a number of drivers and vehicles at once.

Can I Insure A Lorry For Personal Use?

A lorry can be used for personal use but it still must be insured. You will also need to check that whatever you are transporting is covered under your insurance policy.

You must also have all relevant licences to drive an HGV in the UK, whether it is for business or personal use.

Add-Ons For 44T Lorry Insurance

Not all policies are the same, with different inclusions and add-ons available, it’s important you choose a policy that covers everything you need.

Some add-ons available for HGV/44t Truck Insurance:

  • Windscreen Cover
  • Medical Expenses Cover
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Goods In Transit Cover
  • Carriage of Goods Cover
  • Breakdown Cover and Towing
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Income Protection
  • Scene Of Accident Clear Up
  • Replacement of Keys and Locks
  • Legal Cover

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