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ADI insurance is very similar to driving instructors insurance in that it covers driving instructors and driving schools in the UK. Proper ADI cover insures you, your vehicle and your students in the event of an accident, it is also a legal requirement.

What is ADI Insurance?

As an approved driving instructor (ADI) you are fully qualified to teach learner drivers in the UK. To be able to take your students on the road, you need to have a vehicle covered by an ADI insurance policy.

An ADI insurance policy is essentially the same thing as a driving instructors insurance policy or driving school insurance policy in that it is a speciality policy that provides the right level of cover for your occupation. A normal car insurance policy will not cover your students.

The easiest way to evaluate your options is to compare ADI insurance policies or speak to a broker.

What’s The Difference Between PDI Insurance and ADI Insurance?

When you finish your probation period as a PDI, you will want to convert your insurance to ensure it is in line with your ADI status. Not only can your experience help you to find more affordable policies, but it’s also a good opportunity to evaluate your policy and add any new essential features.

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ADI Insurance

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What Is Included In ADI Insurance Policies?

There are some standard features that will be included with all ADI insurance policies and driving school policies. These can include legal cover, hire and reward cover and public liability insurance amongst other things.

There are a number of add-ons that are worth considering when you compare ADI insurance options. Some of these offer additional legal protections and can be very important for protecting your income should anything go wrong.

Is ADI Insurance or Driving School Insurance Expensive?

ADI insurance will almost always be more expensive than standard motor insurance policies, but it’s very often cheaper than similar PDI insurance policies. As an ADI, you are able to prove your experience as a tutor to insurers and this can lead to better premiums.

As you would expect, having learner drivers behind the wheel is the largest reason that insurance costs are high. This is something that can’t really be controlled. As a tutor you are helping brand new drivers to learn and this can come with the occasional bump or scuff. Insurers see driving instructors and their vehicles as a fairly high-risk group for this reason.

Of course, there are still other factors that can impact cost. Location, hours worked and vehicle type can all impact the quotes you receive. The best thing you can do is to try and find the most suitable policy so that you are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADI insurance policies should have any driver cover. This means that any licensed driver will be covered by the insurance policy. It’s always best to check this with your individual policy in case there are any exceptions. These may include drivers with a previous driving conviction such as drink drivers with a DR10, for example.

ADI insurance is typically quite quick to set up. Once you have provided your details and compared your options to find the best policy, you can be up and running in no time.

Due to the nature of the policy, it’s fairly common for courtesy cars to be included in the policy. This is because instructors will need specialist dual-control vehicles if their insured vehicle is out of action. Most courtesy cars will be covered to the same level as your vehicle.

It’s important to check the details of your policy. Whilst it is a common inclusion, it can sometimes be an add-on. When you set up a new policy, compare your options and be sure you are covered to protect your income in this instance.