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What is Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman insurance, often referred to as “tradesman’s liability insurance” or “trade insurance,” is designed to provide protection for self-employed individuals and small business owners in the trade and construction industries.

Many occupations, typically the allied trades, fall under the terms ‘tradesman’.

A specialist insurance policy for tradespeople can include a wide range of cover, all fully tailored to your exact requirement as a business.

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Tradesman Insurance

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‘Insurance for tradesman can cover a lot of things, many of which you may not even need. We suggest always speaking with a specialist broker in order to ensure you have the right tradesman insurance for you and not over insuring for risks not associated with you line of work!’

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What’s Covered By Tradesman Insurance?

Insurance for tradespeople is very versatile and can be tailored to include a large number of cover options. Not all will be required by you but they are there should you need them.

When considering tradesman insurance, it’s essential for tradespeople to evaluate their risks and needs carefully. The nature of the job, the types of projects undertaken, and the value of tools and equipment will influence the types and levels of coverage needed.

Tradesman insurance can be vital for professions like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders, landscapers, and many other skilled contractors in the construction and home services industries.

Finding Cheap Trades Insurance

If you are looking for cheap tradesman insurance, there are a few things you could do tell help you.

Remember, while it’s essential to save money, it’s equally crucial not to skimp on coverage. Being under-insured can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim, which could be detrimental to your business. Always balance cost-saving measures with the needs and risks of your trade.

Who Needs Insurance For Tradespeople?

Tradesman insurance is tailored for individuals and businesses in the trade and construction industries. It’s designed to provide protection against common risks associated with these professions. Here are some professions and scenarios where tradesman insurance may be relevant:

  1. Skilled Tradespeople: Such as: electricians, plumbers, carpenters and joiners, builders and bricklayers, roofers, Painters and decorators, tilers, landscapers and gardeners, plasterers, HVAC technicians and flooring specialists.
  2. Mobile Businesses: Those who are often on the move, working on different client sites or homes, can benefit from insurance coverage, especially for their tools and equipment. These could include home improvement specialists.
  3. Subcontractors: Even if they work under a main contractor, subcontractors may need their own insurance, especially if the main contractor’s policy doesn’t cover them.
  4. Self-employed Tradespeople: Being self-employed often means you don’t have the protective umbrella of an employer’s insurance policy. Therefore, having tradesman insurance is crucial to protect against potential claims and unforeseen events.
  5. Tradespeople with Valuable Tools & Equipment: If your profession requires expensive tools or machinery, having them insured against theft, loss, or damage can be essential.
  6. Professionals Offering Design or Advice: Some tradespeople also offer specialized design or advisory services (e.g., a landscape designer). In such cases, professional indemnity insurance can protect against claims arising from alleged errors or negligence in the advice or design provided.
  7. Tradespeople Working on Large or High-Risk Projects: For those involved in bigger or riskier projects, contract works insurance can protect against unexpected events that damage or destroy a project before its completion.

It’s always advisable for individuals in the trade and construction sectors to consult with an insurance professional to determine the specific types of coverage they might need based on their unique risks and requirements.

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