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What is Fast Food Delivery Insurance?

Fast food delivery insurance is a specific policy designed to cover drivers and their vehicles when delivering food to others.

Required by firms like Uber Eats or Just Eat in order to work for them, fast food insurance will cover you to drive on UK roads delivery food to others.

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Fast Food Delivery Insurance

What our Comparison Expert Says

‘As a fast food delivery driver you will be spending a lot of hours on the road, many of them late hours. Make sure you have a decent insurance policy in place and ensure you don’t get caught out. Just having standard car insurance is not enough for food delivery drivers.’

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What Is Included With Food Delivery Driver Insurance?

Insurance for fast food delivery drivers is designed to cover a wide range of risks associated with food delivery. Exact cover may vary depending on insurance broker and you will need to discuss your requirements with the broker to ensure you have the right cover.

Who Needs Food Delivery Driver Insurance?

Anyone who delivers food for a living using their own vehicle will require food delivery driver insurance.

With the rise of Uber Eat and Just Eat services, there has never been more deliver drivers out there who require insuring. The value of the food you are delivering may not be that expensive but the risk to others whilst you operate remains high.

Getting Cheap Fast Food Insurance

We work with a large number of brokers who have access to a wide panel of schemes. They will be able to look at your risk and find you a policy that is right for you.

If you have a high claims history, then finding cheap fast food delivery insurance may not be so easy. That said, if you have a good claims history and show yourself to be a responsible driver, then your chances are good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the commercial nature of delivery driving, policies can be more expensive then standard car insurance. If you have a clean drivers record with no claims, then you are still very likely to get a cheap insurance policy.

Like any car insurance, fast food insurance is designed to cover you against loss or damage to your vehicle.

Standard car insurance will not insure you if you are driving for commercial gain. You will require either an addon policy or a specific fast food policy.

Opting for an addon policy is quite expensive, you are much better off financially opting for a full car insurance policy with the fast food delivery aspect combined in with it.

When purchasing a food delivery driver policy, your policy will be for the whole vehicle for both private and commercial use.

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