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What is Bodyshop & Repair Garage Insurance?

Body shop and repair garage insurance is a type of traders insurance policy designed to provide coverage for businesses that operate in the automotive repair industry. This type of insurance is specifically tailored to cover the unique risks associated with running a body shop or repair garage, which typically involves repairing and restoring vehicles that have been damaged due to accidents or other incidents.

Repair garage insurance typically includes a range of different coverage options, such as liability coverage, property damage coverage, business interruption cover, and equipment breakdown cover. These coverages are designed to protect a body shop owner from financial losses resulting from accidents, injuries, property damage, or other unforeseen events that could disrupt their business operations.

Policies are important for any business that works with vehicles and carries the risk of causing damage to customers’ property or injuring employees or other people on the premises. Having this type of insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection for body shop owners, helping them to manage risks and safeguard their business.

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Bodyshop & Repair Garage Insurance

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What Does Repair Garage Insurance Cover?

Repair garage insurance policies can vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific coverage options selected, but in general, body shop insurance can cover the following

The specific coverage options and limits of coverage can vary depending on the insurance provider and the individual policy. It’s important to work with an experienced insurance agent who can help you select the right coverage options for your business.

Who Needs Body Shop Insurance?

Any business that operates in the automotive repair industry and specialises in body repairs should consider getting body shop insurance. This includes businesses such as auto body shops, collision centres, custom auto shops, and other businesses that repair or restore vehicles including HGVs and specialised commercial vehicles.

If you own or operate a body-shop or a repair garage, you face a variety of risks that could potentially lead to financial losses. For example, a customer’s car may be damaged while it is being repaired or an employee may be injured while working on a vehicle. Body shop repair garage insurance can provide protection against these and other types of risks.

If your business owns or leases a commercial building or equipment, you should consider getting combined and equipment insurance to protect against losses due to theft, vandalism or damage.

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Can I Get Business Interruption Coverage With Bodyshop Insurance?

Business interruption cover can typically be included as an option with a body shop insurance policy. It provides financial protection for your business in the event of an unexpected interruption, such as a fire, natural disaster, or other covered event that makes it impossible to operate your business.

With business interruption coverage, your policy may provide coverage for lost income, ongoing expenses, and other costs associated with getting your business back up and running after an interruption. The exact coverage and limits can vary depending on the policy and the insurance provider, so it’s important to review your policy carefully.

How Much Does Body Shop Insurance Cost?

The size of your business, the specific coverage options you choose, the location of your business, and the level of risk associated with your operations can all impact the cost of your repair garage insurance policy.

When determining the cost of your policy, insurance companies will consider a number of factors, such as the type of work your business does, the number of employees you have, the value of your equipment and inventory, your location, and your claims history.

It’s important to select the right coverage options to fit your business needs and budget.
It’s also worth noting that in some cases, insurance providers may offer discounts for businesses that take steps to reduce their risk. For example, if you invest in safety training for your employees or install security features in your building, you may be able to reduce your insurance premiums.

How Can I Save On Repair Garage Insurance?

There are several strategies you can use to help reduce the cost of body shop insurance:

  1. Compare quotes: Compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to ensure you’re getting the best rate.
  2. Increase your excess: Consider increasing your excess – the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in.
  3. Invest in safety measures: Implementing safety measures such as security cameras, fire extinguishers, and employee training can help reduce your risk and may result in lower insurance premiums.
  4. Review your cover regularly: As your business changes and evolves, your insurance needs may change as well. Regularly reviewing your cover can help to ensure you have the right coverage for your current needs.
  5. Build a good claims history: Having a good claims history can help you to get better rates on insurance.

By implementing these strategies, you can help reduce your insurance costs and protect your business while staying within your budget.

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