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What is Roofers Insurance?

Roofers insurance, also known as ‘roofing insurance’ or ‘roofing contractor insurance’, is a type of insurance cover designed to protect roofing and their businesses from various risks and liabilities associated with their work.

Roofing is a high-risk profession due to the potential for accidents, property damage, and other liabilities, so having the right insurance cover is essential for roofing contractors.

We work with a number of specialist brokers who will be able to cover you for risks such as working from height.

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Roofers Insurance

What our Comparison Expert Says

‘Roofing and being a roofer is a high-risk trade. Although roofers are typically skilled tradespeople, the risk associated with their work remains high. Suitable insurance cover is always advised so should the worse happen, you are protected against that loss!’

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We’ve worked hard to refine our process and keep it as quick, easy and simple as possible for our customers.

What Is Covered By Roofers Insurance?

Roofers insurance typically refers to a business insurance policy designed specifically for roofing contractors. Given the unique risks associated with the roofing industry, this specialized insurance provides coverage for various exposures that roofers might encounter.

Something like general builders insurance is unlikely to be enough due to the increased height work of being a roofer.

When shopping for roofers insurance, it’s important for contractors to work with an agent or broker familiar with the unique risks of the roofing industry. Coverage needs might vary based on the size of the business, the types of jobs undertaken, the geographic location, and other factors.

How Much Does Roofers Insurance Cost?

Like all insurance, the cost of your roofers insurance policy will be determined by a number of factors. These will include:

  • The properties you work on: If you work on large, expensive or commercial properties. It is likely the cost of you policy will be a bit more. This is because of the greater risk involved to the buildings you work on. Working on small residential properties will pose a smaller risk.
  • Claims History: Like all insurance policies, a poor claims history will result in a greater premium. It is always worth maintaining a clean claims history where possible.
  • Experience: Those with greater experience are likely to receive a greater no claims bonus to reflect their time served as a roofer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Torch down involves the use of heat in order to complete roofing jobs. This includes the use of blow torches, welders, flame cutters and blow lamps. The use of an angle grinder on roofing tiles is not an example of hear work.

Adding heat related risks is something our panel of brokers can help with but it is likely to be a specialist addon.

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