Government Measures and How Drivers Can Protect Themselves

MOT tests are a crucial component of the UK’s vehicle safety regulations, ensuring that cars on the roads are safe to drive and meet environmental standards. However, like any system, it has its vulnerabilities.

MOT fraud has been an ongoing issue, with unscrupulous garages issuing fake certificates or passing unsafe vehicles. Recognising this challenge, the UK government has been stepping up its efforts to tackle the problem, and there’s much that drivers can do to protect themselves.

The Government’s Response

In recent years, the UK government has taken several proactive steps to combat MOT fraud:

  1. Digitalisation of Records: By moving the MOT certificate system online, the government has made it more difficult for counterfeit certificates to be created and distributed.
  2. Regular Audits and Surveillance: The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) routinely conducts surprise audits and checks on MOT test centres to ensure they are following protocols and not issuing fraudulent certificates.
  3. Tougher Penalties: The government has been issuing stiffer penalties for garages found guilty of MOT fraud, ranging from hefty fines to permanent disqualification from conducting MOT tests.
  4. Public Awareness Campaigns: The DVSA has increased efforts to raise awareness about the importance of genuine MOT tests and the risks of counterfeit ones.

Protecting Yourself from MOT Fraud

While the government’s measures are a step in the right direction, drivers must also play their part. Here’s how you can ensure you don’t fall victim to MOT fraud:

  1. Choose Reputable Centres: Always get your MOT done at a well-known, reputable test centre. Ask friends or family for recommendations or look for reviews online.
  2. Be Present During the Test: If possible, try to be present when your car is being tested. This ensures that all checks are being carried out properly and deters potential fraudulent activity.
  3. Check the Online Database: Once you receive your MOT certificate, you can verify its authenticity by checking the vehicle’s details on the government’s online MOT history service.
  4. Check They Have Insurance: An untrustworthy garage is unlikely to insure itself. Therefore, by asking to see their latest motor trade insurance certificate, you can better ensure you are visiting a reputable garage.
  5. Know Your Vehicle: Regularly inspect your car for potential issues, so you’re aware if the MOT test results genuinely reflect its condition. If your vehicle passes the MOT without any advisories when you know there are significant issues, this might be a red flag.
  6. Report Suspicious Activity: If you believe a garage issued a fraudulent MOT or if someone offers to sell you a fake certificate, report them to the DVSA immediately.


MOT fraud poses significant risks not only to the drivers who may be unknowingly driving unsafe vehicles but also to others on the road. While the government has ramped up its efforts to crack down on these illicit activities, it is crucial for drivers to remain vigilant, educate themselves, and take necessary precautions. By working together, it’s possible to ensure that the UK’s roads remain safe for everyone.