Operating a fleet is often considered a lot of work but also very costly. All the time the fleet is operating, it is draining expenses.

Another downside to a fleet is often the cost to insure all the vehicles. Not all drivers drive with the level of consideration that we would maybe like them to, as such, the cost of fleet insurance can be quite high.

Saving Money on Fleet Insurance

In order to combat the effects of rising fleet insurance, below are some tips you can potentially apply to help reduce your costs.

Safety and Training Programs

Driver Training: Investing in driver safety training can lead to reduced accident rates and consequently lower premiums.
Safety Policies: Implement and enforce company-wide safety policies, such as prohibiting mobile phone use while driving.

Claims Management

Implement an effective claims management process to deal with claims swiftly and efficiently. This can help in maintaining or even reducing your premiums over time.

Choose Vehicles Wisely

  • Consider vehicles with high safety ratings, as they may qualify for lower premiums.
  • Installing safety features or equipment (e.g., telematics, dashcams, reverse cameras) can sometimes reduce premiums.

Compare Fleet Policies

It’s crucial to obtain fleet quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you’re getting the best rate. Additionally, consider using a specialist fleet insurance broker who can advise on the best deals and options for your particular needs.

Manage Fleet Size & Composition

Regularly review the size and makeup of your fleet. If some vehicles aren’t being used, consider selling them or rotating their use. The type and use of each vehicle can also impact premiums.

Driver Selection

  • Check Driving Records: Regularly review the driving records of your employees. Consider not employing drivers with poor records.
  • Age Factor: Younger and very old drivers can lead to higher premiums. While you shouldn’t discriminate based on age, it’s a factor to be aware of. You should be even more aware of this when purchasing an any driver fleet insurance policy.


Telematics systems can monitor driver behaviour and vehicle performance. Demonstrating to insurers that drivers maintain safe habits can lead to discounts. This is a particularly good form of policy when looking for van fleet insurance as it ensure that vans are driven correctly.

Build a No Claims Discount

Just like personal car insurance, some insurers will offer discounts for fleets that haven’t made any claims in a certain time period.

Admittedly, this is more difficult for those operating larger fleets. However, building up a no claims discount when purchasing a smaller company fleet insurance or courier fleet insurance can really have a positive impact.

Regular Maintenance

Ensuring vehicles are regularly maintained will reduce the risk of mechanical failures, which can lead to accidents.

For instances, vehicles such as taxi’s can clock up a lot of miles. More so than a HGV Fleet. This is because a taxi driver is not subject to as many working hours or the vehicles are shared. This increases wear on the vehicle. When you compare taxi fleet insurance, make sure that you regularly maintain your taxi’s.